Our Story

Ana Bermudez and Carolina Mercado Foresman met in their freshman year of college at the University of Notre Dame. They were introduced to each other by mutual friends, and agreed to be roommates within the first fifteen minutes of meeting. Twenty years later, they are still best friends who now get to work together by leading TAGit. TAGit was initially founded when Ana was watching TV and saw a cute pair of shoes she wanted to buy. She knew there was a market for an app where TV viewers could buy items from their favorite TV shows, so she took the risk and left her career in wealth management to make that a reality. After five years of working alone to develop the idea and the first two versions of the consumer-facing mobile app, Ana was joined by Carolina who was able to leave her career in data science to run TAGit with Ana.

As successful Latinas in finance, both women confided in each other as they experienced many of the unfortunate events that Latinas, people of color, and women in general face in a corporate environment. Ana and Carolina have used their experiences to create a more welcoming professional environment for the underrepresented. They value employee mental health and well-being, and work diligently on promoting emotional intelligence and acceptance.

Our Leadership

Ana Bermudez

CEO and Chairman

Ana is a leader in technology and finance with experience in founding businesses from start-up to profitability. She has a BBA in finance from the University of Notre Dame.

With over 15 years of board leadership experience, Ana is Chairman and CEO of TAGit, and director for Impact Capital Funds. She is also an active member of the Notre Dame Alumni Association Board, and the Women’s Venture Summit Committee.

Ana spends most of her free time with her Chinese Shar-Pei, Rocco.

Carolina Mercado Foresman

Chief of Data and Member of the Board

Prior to joining TAGit, Carolina worked as a data scientist at JPMorgan Chase, PNC, Progressive Insurance, and State Auto Insurance. Carolina holds a BBA in finance from the University of Notre Dame and an MA in quantitative political methodology from the Ohio State University. 

Carolina lives in Columbus, OH, where she is the treasurer on the board of the largest urban civic association in the city for the second year in a row. She is also on the board of Grey Matter Media, an independent, nonprofit, local news organization.

Carolina and her husband Kevin love their 3 cats, Veronica, Sibyl, and Susana.

Our Story

Representation is Vital

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Representation is Vital

Representation of everyone is vital to TAGit’s success. TAGit knows from experience that representation is more than buzzwords and empty promises and that true inclusion requires representation from the top down.

Don't be afraid to speak up!

Don't be afraid to speak up!

The true value of speech is in not being afraid to speak up and use your voice. At TAGit, we encourage TV viewers to let us know about their favorite TV shows and products, employees to share their ideas, and our clients to express their goals and expectations when using our technology.

Respect Differences

Respect differences

At TAGit, we strive to create a more welcoming professional environment for the underrepresented. We know that creating an inclusive culture is not about finding talent who fits into our culture, but about finding who ADDS to our culture

Take risks

Take risks

TAGit is the product of an idea had by our founder while lying on a couch and watching TV. She believed in her idea enough to quit her full-time corporate job and bootstrap TAGit. Dream big and take a leap of faith in yourself!

Commit to Excellence

Commit to Excellence

Excellence is a commitment to yourself and those around you. Like any other commitment, excellence takes time, practice and dedication. Excellence is more than just a mindless grind. At TAGit, excellence means prioritizing mental health and well-being to ensure quality of life as well as product.

Give back to your community

give back to your community

We believe in paying it forward by donating our time and money to causes that are important to us. We especially believe in volunteering for underrepresented communities.